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Artisan Coding 🎨

My coaching is for people who are interested in learning programming as a form of expression, want to find fun in it, or are eager to put a heartfelt idea into action.

Code is the language programmers use to talk to computers. It is often perceived as repetitive, static, and dull. Its logically formal appearance seems to stand in the way of creative or experimental intentions. The assumption that you have to be mathematically talented keeps many from a deeper engagement with it.

Programming for everyone 🪂

In fact, however, programming requires just as much mathematical knowledge like making music and painting do. You can learn programming, no matter how much experience you have.

  • 🍼 Beginners I show how to read and write code, I help with the implementation of an idea, support the development, and enable the independent continuation of their project.
  • 💻 To advanced users, I offer almost two decades of programming experience, I share my knowledge as a sparring partner, work my way into problems, develop solutions or alternative implementation proposals.
  • 📊 Specialists I support in the implementation of machine learning systems. I offer them theoretical knowledge, which I bring as a postdoctoral AI expert, as well as professional experience regarding the implementation of machine learning systems in a productive environment.

If this sounds appealing, I would be happy to hear from you. Just send me an email with any questions you might have.

Programming as Creation 👾

It’s hard to find the time to learn a new skill alongside work and family. But a new form of expression helps to relax and find meaning outside of everyday duties. Skillful use of materials and tools provides balance. Programming in particular also makes it possible to elegantly automate dull tasks and reduce stress. Being able to implement ideas brings security, connects with the environment and purposefully influences the world.

Countless hobbyists use their free time to build things, giving expression to their creativity. In the basement, in the garage or in the tool shed, concepts are turned into reality that make life easier, more pleasant or more entertaining. In the tool shed of programmers, there is only a PC. Unlike expensive and high-maintenance hand tools that take up a lot of space, code only needs computer, monitor and keyboard.

Like every craft before it, programming today mostly fulfills one function: increasing productivity and revenue. However, as with artisan crafts, functionality is also not a prerequisite for code. Implementing helpful, funny, engaging, and ambitious ideas is justification enough for any kind of code.

  • ✨ visual representation of aesthetic processes
  • ✨ triggering of individual smart home processes
  • ✨ automation of repetitive tasks
  • hardware control, e.g. programming robots
  • ✨ planning and design of processes in the form of code
  • ✨ automated interaction with web interfaces

The list shows only a small selection of possible projects in which I can support you. I honestly hope that you come to me with an idea that I would never have dreamed of.

Supporting Your Ambitions 💪

In our courses and trainings, we decide together how to proceed and where we want to go.

  • ✅ Flexible individual courses via video calls in German or English.
  • ✅ Every idea that is presented to me and everything we develop together I treat strictly confidential
  • ✅ Support with any kind of programming task, professional or private
  • ✅ I am available via email for questions up to one week after each session
  • ✅ Money-back guarantee

We can flexibly plan when we will deal for example with the following points.

  • 🎯 Help with the installation and preparation of the necessary tools
  • 🎯 Introduction to the basics of Python programming
  • 🎯 Presentation of common software development processes (Git repositories, testing, debugging, deployment, etc.)
  • 🎯 Insights into professionally, academically as well as privately motivated programming practice
  • 🎯 Help with initial code design and effective restructuring of larger systems
  • 🎯 Expert support in the development of machine learning projects

This list can be extended at will to include points that we consider particularly relevant in the first meeting, and in which I consider myself competent.

Booking 🎫

If you are interested, send me an email and we will find a date for a first meeting within the next seven days, create a roadmap together, plan further dates and common goals. I also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after the first session.

In case you’re still unsure, just read a bit more about me.

Frequent Questions 🤔

How much does the coaching cost
Different coaching segments are priced differently internally. Consulting and planning for an individual project are more expensive than a basic introduction to Python. Feel free to contact me with details about your project for a more detailed quote.

Is the coaching suitable for absolute beginners
The coaching is even intended for absolute beginners. The offerings for advanced users are important to me so that I don’t withhold coaching from particularly ambitious projects and can continue to work in the field of machine learning. My real enthusiasm, however, is to offer beginners access and motivation for programming in a way that other courses cannot.

How exactly does the coaching take place
You send me an email with all your questions, in which you also ideally tell me 1. what you expect from the coaching, 2. about the project you want to apply the coaching to, 3. what your motivation behind the project is and 4. what your scheduling preferences are. In my answer I will address your points, give a first cost estimate, suggest a possible date and how you could prepare for it if you find the time. We will do the rest of the planning together.

What makes my coaching different from programming courses
Programming courses are mostly designed to enable productive work. This makes sense for economically motivated software development, which is under permanent time pressure and ideally implements no more than previously precisely defined functions. Efficiency takes precedence over the pleasure of doing things. Elegance, flexibility or one’s own satisfaction with the implementation fade into the background. Professional software developers can tell you a thing or two about this. With my coaching I would like to contribute to establish a different perspective on programming and thus give people access to programming, whose motivation is not primarily profitability and efficiency, but the need to implement ideas, try stuff out or simply make beautiful things.

Feel free to contact me directly with any question:
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